About Us

Define Yourself.

B.D.F.O. was started by teen, Ruby Sulter. After struggling to find clothing that made her feel confident, she decided to start her own lifestyle brand.

We exist to insure that every body feels, Bold, Determined, Fierce, and Outstanding. Because we believe in Defining Yourself and feeling confident in the clothes that we wear.

What on Earth is B.D.F.O.?


B.D.F.O. is a new, twist on trendy lifestyle brand that is all about promoting a body positive message. It stands for bold, determined, fierce, and outstanding. We chose these words because we believe that we are all bold, determined fierce, and outstanding especially when we feel good in the clothing we buy and wear.

B.D.F.O. started with the simple fact that clothing wasn't made to fit every body. Instead, clothing is made for the "standard" body, which happens to represent very few of us.  At bdfo, we understand that there's gotta be some sort of "standard" to sizing, but what if the size didn't matter? What if, instead of that number that makes you feel less confident about your unique body, was "Bold" instead of size 14, or "Determined" instead of size 2! What if your long legs were just "Outstanding", and your lovely curves were simply "Fierce!' What if the hottest fashion trends were tweaked to work for every body type?!  That's the idea of B.D.F.O. Style that works for every body, in a size that you define.


Define Yourself.

Diverse Female Friends Laughing
10% of Profit

Whenever you buy from B.D.F.O., you help empower girls world wide. Learn more about Club InsideOut and Project Soar to see your impact.

Women's Empowerment

B.D.F.O. believes in the power of girls, creating a positive change in our world. That's why we've made a commitment to invest 10% of our profits toward the empowerment of women worldwide.

Programs like Club InsideOut and Project Soar help women and girls discover their own self-worth and personal independence, enabling them to live their lives to their fullest potential.

We know donating can be hard for a lot of us, so we made it easy. Every time you buy an item from B.D.F.O., you'll help empower girls in Austin and Morocco.

Hover over the picture on the left to learn more about the programs we donate to!

 Real Women. Real Bodies. 

At B.D.F.O. we strive to put an end to the fake and over edited photos seen in marketing, ads, magazines, online shopping, and social media. 

We promote and celebrate body diversity and body positivity - always.

No photoshop - ever.

Every body beautiful. 



We love our Green Planet, so we've made sure our styles help keep it clean. With each new design, we select fabrics with low (or no) impact on the environment, manufacture ethically, and improve our distribution process.

Some of our styles are even made from recycled plastic bottles!



Someone buys an awesome B.D.F.O. tee from our site, a local store, or at an event.


Project Soar and Club Inside directly receive 10% profit of that awesome tee.


Women across the world receive must-have items from tampons to empowerment.


Women have the resources they need. And you will feel so B.D.F.O. in your new tee.


Hey there,

I started B.D.F.O. because I know the clothing struggle. It's way too hard to find clothes that I can just feel good in, and good about. I felt like there needed to be a brand that was made for every body, and made to help every body

So, I started B.D.F.O. to promote a body positive message, and to have a brand that everybody can deeply connect with.

I hope you feel so B.D.F.O. when you wear my new brand!

Sincerly, Ruby Sulter