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Want to earn B.D.F.O. store credit for sharing the B.D.F.O. vibes with your friends and family?

 Apply below and you might be chosen to become  B.D.F.O. Lifestyle Brand rep!

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 How It Works: 

  • Fill out the application form below which will help us get to know you better!

  • If you are chosen to participate in our Brand Rep Program, we'll send you your own personal referral code. When people shop through your link, they get 10% off their B.D.F.O. purchase (you can also use this link for your own purchases).

  • Showing your love for the B.D.F.O. brand and mission is also a major part of being a B.D.F.O. Brand Rep. You will be required to do the following:

    • Like & comment on our socials regularly ​

    • Post about B.D.F.O. on your stories once a month

    • Post a post referring to B.D.F.O. at least four times per year

  • For every 4 orders placed with your referral code, you will receive 10$ in B.D.F.O. store credit. (This is a non commission program).​

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