What on Earth is B.D.F.O.?


B.D.F.O. is a new, twist on trendy lifestyle brand that is all about promoting a body positive message. It stands for bold, determined, fierce, and outstanding. We chose these words because we believe that we are all bold, determined fierce, and outstanding especially when we feel good in the clothing we buy and wear.

B.D.F.O. started with the simple fact that clothing wasn't made to fit every body. Instead, clothing is made for the "standard" body, which happens to represent very few of us.  At bdfo, we understand that there's gotta be some sort of "standard" to sizing, but what if the size didn't matter? What if, instead of that number that makes you feel less confident about your unique body, was "Bold" instead of size 14, or "Determined" instead of size 2! What if your long legs were just "Outstanding", and your lovely curves were simply "Fierce!' What if the hottest fashion trends were tweaked to work for every body type?!  That's the idea of B.D.F.O. Style that works for every body, in a size that you define.


Define Yourself.


We're more than just T-Shirts. 

Learn about the B.D.F.O. Story.

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